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Te Rapa Animates
Betta Fish Cruelty

Went into the Te Rapa Animates store (04/12/17) to have a look at the Betta fish. Unfortunately when we arrived we couldn't help but notice the poor conditions the Betta fish were living in. After having just visited the Bettas at the other Hamilton store (anzac parade) who had pristine water and ...

Animates te rapa
Betta fish

Hi there, I usually go to the Anzac parade animates which is great, but I decided to pop in to the terapa store.i was disgusted by the size of the extremely small tanks they put their betta fish see such a beautiful intelligent fish keept in such small spaces is cruelty and should be sorted ...

Complaint-review: Fernwood Alpacas - Horse Droppings

Fernwood Alpacas
Horse Droppings

Thursday 26th January Horse Float with 2 horses was on the grass area at Orewa Beach in front of the Surf Club. We reached there about 7.30 when the contestants of the Beach Series was finishing and having to walk round this mess. The horse owners had left it there for at least an hour to an hour ...