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Bella Vita Day Spa

I worked here for 1.5 years the owner is Brendon Clive Dorne who lives on the properly upstairs and he is a repeat sex offender (see google). "Lily" is the director of the company she tells everyone she is a doctor including clients but really her qualification done in china does not even make her a nurse here in NZ she does beauty and electrolysis treatments that she is not qualified to do and treats her employees terribly e.g. no set hours called in at very short notice and I was expected to give four weeks notice for time off like a full time employee despite contract stating I was part time, not paying you properly and threatening bullying and lying. The hot stones machine is not washed after each client and one machine / same stones is used between two people getting a hot stone at the same time which is gross and the stones sit in water growing slime. All nail tools and foot spas are washed in cold water only the foot spas are actually for home use not multiple people because they cannot be properly cleaned there are chemicals on site for cleaning but I was only allowed to use insufficient amounts and small brown towels are used for feet treatments - the same small brown towels are also placed on the pillow for when clients lie down the towels are not washed with any disinfectant. Most of the products being sold to customers are expired and they are not informed of the dated stock. The mask for facial was growing mold and I was still expected to use it. The reason I stayed working at this awful place was I was not aware that what Lily and Brendon were doing was taking advantage and lying to me about nearly everything and I was a fresh graduate so I did not know what I was getting into. I was told if I left I would need to pay the company for "training expenses" yet neither of them were qualified to train me the excuse of training was used on me many times so that I had to give them both free treatments more like I was the teacher! I left and never got any annual leave or holiday pay which despite their lies I am entitled to. Brendons convictions should have been disclosed to me I should not have had to massage him or be left alone at night with him I was even lied to about who owned the company so anything un fair was blamed on the "real" owner. I should not have been lied to threatened or bullied. Clients health are at risk too. I was expected to rush everything most of the time and cut corners which encouraged complaints because I was on edge alot and under loads of pressure because I always had clients booked back to back and very little time I had my pay docked for un fair reasons too and for brazillian I had to re use spatulas for intimate waxing or get told off. The UV sterilizer cabnet for nail tools and equipment was always promptly switched off "because of the power" when I tried to sterilize equipment so its there for storage and show. They should not be allowed to have a business. Lily often calls up companies lying claiming things have not arrived or were broken in order to get free things. I am trying to work with employment inspectors police council ministry of health etc to rectify what they have done and stop it happening to some one else.
Author: Johanna Van Der Lee

Offender: Bella Vita Day Spa

Country: New Zealand   Region: Palmerston North
Address: 508 Albert Street Hokowhitu Palmerston North
Phone: 063552667
Site: bellavitadayspa.co.nz

Category: Beauty & Appearance


BIK 7 June 2017, 4:02 PM
I'm guessing I just read about you in the news. If so, congratulations!!! I used to go there. That guy is nothing but trouble. Didn't realize his wife was also part of the problem but I'm not surprised sadly.
Auckland Biz 30 December 2017, 11:35 AM
yes I understand you working there for a year or more before blowing the whistle. I remember working at a corrupt English PTE school in Auckland - Linguis International. It's just one of the many corrupt schools including NZISS, UUNZ etc...
I remember they lie to the staff repeatedly, telling them they are 'going to fix things', 'things are improving', etc, or just not answering questions about attendance or whatever other problems the staff and teachers bring up.
So it can be months or a year or more before the results come out and teachers realise it's all BS and and they're getting lied to, to be part of the scam.
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