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Franz Josef Mechanical Ltd

Terrible experience. The mechanic, Clive, drained our radiator to trick us into thinking we needed a new one which of course, he could do for us. Luckily the radiator wasn't damaged beyond repair with this deceptive stunt. After filling it back with water and taking it to another garage in Hokitika ...

Janssen Holdings
Useless company

Having dealt with MANY motor vehicle insurance companies in the past, THIS is the worst, BY FAR. Shane and Mike, looks like are the only ones on the claims customer service lines all the time. They are complete DICKS. Everytime I called for a claim, they tried to wriggle their way out of it. What ...

Avery Autos Tauranga
Total Mess

Did a major job and totally cocked it up. Was paid in full when they said Vehicle was ready. Collected vehicle and it was a complete mess. With extra damage as well. Then just refused to stand by his work. The Owner Dave admitted he was not a qualified Mechanic and basically didn't know what he ...