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Hiring Family Members

I wpould like to make a complaint, seriously i dont know how things are run at kfc glen innes .
But staff there seriously think it is unfair that kava the store manager is hiring her own family members who actually live with her in her own household to work at kfc . Kava is a manipulative person se would blackmail anyone to get what she wants . Her and Shahida are very dodgy together any area manager would have fired kava already for taking half days at work she leaves half days not even doing full days but still getting paid . Kava hired all her fagot friends first it was effie, then down the track effie and kava had a big falling out that is when she tranfered back to her original store in papakura or pukekohe . Then she hired Kalisi another of her faggot friends they to had a big massive argue in the restaurant in front of customers so unprofessional, then she hired briannah and Pnisa all her faggot friends they were stealing from the registers everytime a shift supervisor would confront kava she would try and change the subject and when writing in the black book kava would rip it up and make out like its allgoods, so where are her faggot friends they all finished . And then she hires her cousin Malakai Jovan Tohi who they both live in the same address but told head office bulshit that he lives at another address which is full of shit! Malakai Jovan Tohi and kava they both live in the same address in maurewa it dosent make any sense, then kava goes and hires another one of her family members who live in the same household Malakai Jovans Tohis little brother who just recently started, and also Mele seini is another familyy member of kavas so basically kava is hiring all her family members and also Susana Manu hired her niece Nikoletta . Glen Innes use to be a workplace with real workers when they had the old bosses, now it is a shithole! Also Sunil Kumar Mahawar he is a womaniser he has been sexually harrassing the workers and calling them babe or honey which is scaring the old staff away. If nothing is done about this i will go to fair go or tv 1 news and 3 and tell them everything i will even name and shame them because it is not fair the old staff asked if they had any jobs for there family and friends that needed the job and kava said no family members cant work together but look at the whole fucken place it is filled with fucking tongans if you people at head office think about it the boss kava is tongan so most of the workers are tongan and James Tulett he is another one the reason why he got his black supervisor t.shirt is because him and sunil are both sucking kavas cock thats why they are all close sunil feels up girls in the workplace . And Sunil and james are in a relationship. Kava gives free food to all her tongan families when they come into kfc including her friends . SHAHIDA is doing nothing about this because she is dodgy aswell, Another thing aswell Union gives kava the workers countdown vouchers and kava doesnt want to give them to the workers thats how fucking greedy kava is shes a fuckwit that needs to be put in fucking check!! Straight up your a man trying to be a women with a cock strapped in between your god dam fucking legs you fucking OATH! Go look in the fucking mirror stop talking about your fucking staff treat them with respect dont treat them like your arse . Shahida your trying to transfer kava to Otahuhu kfc . Im one step ahead of you thats my stomping grounds . Those workers in otahu kfc will eat kava alive why cos kava is gonna go do the same thing up there just like she done here in glen innes fucked the store up! All kavas cousins and family members that work here i hope they all get fired for stealing especially meleseini when her sister and families come in they are forever hooking them up free chicken and you wonder why there is so many chickens going missing . Malakai he is always coming to work late an hour or 2 hours late but he dosent get into trouble from sunil he gets away with cos that is kavas nephew so you see kfc is a family running business kava has hired all her family and friends to work there only!!!!!! Nikoletta she is stealing chickens on her break and giving it to her family member susana manu her chickens are so fucking disgusting she should be retired chicken shes cooking is dry yuck has no taste and flavour . Shahida you should fuck off back to pukekohe cos you dont know how to run kfc as area manager your just a fuckwit to be honest. Licking kavas arsehole more like thats why that faggs still gotta fucking job at kfc, kavas quick to give out coachings n warnings n diciplinaries out to the old workers KAVA YOU DOG how about you get your head out of your arse and give yourself, your own family members and friends those shit oh thats right they get away with it and shahida allows it . to be honest i hope the new store manager thats going to take over that bitch kava is gonna be way better then kava hope she or he gies the old staff there jobs back and hours not like the new staff they are getting all the hours! If i was head office or shahidas boss i would have already done something about this ages ago just fucking loo at the workers old staff they wont even come to work cos kava sunil james shahida are all in this together fucking dodgey cunts .. Straight up karma will get you mutherfuckers and when it does it will run you cunts to the fucking ground especially you kava kfc loosing 2000 grand everytime you hire your faggots that dont last, your a useless store manager just like that bitch evelyn that works in pakuranga shes another dodgey bitch. Kavas family members all live with her in manurewa i will take this up to fair go . Unfairly treated workers at glen innes kfc .
Author: Aniola

Offender: Kava

Country: New Zealand   Region: Auckland   City: auckland   Postcode: 1072
Address: 33 eastview rd glen innes
Phone: 095706147
Site: glen innes kfc

Category: Foodstuff


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