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Flexi Bin
No Not Get a Flexi Bin

"Flexi" Bin .... Flexi for Waste Management NZ Limited maybe but NOT for the clients in Tauranga. state in their FAQs - Collection in 5 working days. I am now on my 9th working day since requesting collection. I have called on the past 4 consecutive days to be guaranteed ... Yes, ...

Warehouse Stationery

Hi, I took a digital photograph from warehouse stationary new lynn for immigration purpose, but the photo was not acceptable by immigration website. I got back to the store and explain the problem to the staff named Myles. He did not answer me clearly and i request him to sort out the problem but ...

Kfc manurewa
I was tresspassed unfairly

I was tresspassed because i askd for an apology from a staff member that walked in on me on the toilet when she pushed on the door the lock fell off the door, instead of an apology i was yelled at to leave the store so i waitd for police instead of it being sorted i was arrested and tresspassed and ...