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House of Travel
Incorrect booking

My name is Angela Marle, On 25/1/2017 I booked my flights to the UK using House of Travel, Parnell, travel consultant Linda NETTAR. I flew out to UK on 29/8/2017, EK449. I had separate flights in the UK to Greece for my daughters wedding. On my return to Auckland, I was at Manchester airport ...

Kfc manurewa
I was tresspassed unfairly

I was tresspassed because i askd for an apology from a staff member that walked in on me on the toilet when she pushed on the door the lock fell off the door, instead of an apology i was yelled at to leave the store so i waitd for police instead of it being sorted i was arrested and tresspassed and ...

Unichem Manukau
Late Opening

I looked up the opening time of this store because I had an appointment and didn't want to be late. I came from Flat Bush and my appointment was in Papakura, but as I'm new to the area this was the only Unichem I was familiar with. I arrived at 8:26 and the store hours are 8:30 - 6:30. At 8:35 I ...