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KFC - Head Office
Bad service

We always bought dinner once a week from KFC Lower Hutt and same problem happened everytime at the drive thru. The people who we make our orders to are so rude. They dont listen properly to your orders, or they rush you with your orders but you havent finished ordering. Most of the times our orders ...

Animates te rapa
Betta fish

Hi there, I usually go to the Anzac parade animates which is great, but I decided to pop in to the terapa store.i was disgusted by the size of the extremely small tanks they put their betta fish see such a beautiful intelligent fish keept in such small spaces is cruelty and should be sorted ...

Eco Travels
No Contact Made

I had emailed Ankita Kansara on Aug 9 2017 to book flight tickets, just got a reply saying call to discuss, I emailed her to email me with best deals possible but no reply as yet. I even tried calling her she said she is busy and will call me back, she took my number and never called back and guess ...