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KFC - Manakau
Quantity issue

Hi, I've just opened up the kfc I ordered and to no surprise, there are items missing from my order. It is not the first time but it's happened enough that I had to write a complaint online (9 times in the past 12 months). How hard is it to count chicken? Or to count pots of gravy? If the staff ...

Vending Direct
Over Charging for Snacks

Visited A&E at Palmerston North Hospital. We purchased a 40g bag of Kumara Chips and a small bag of Pineapple Lumps. We were charged $20.00 on our Eftpos card. I have tried to phone Vending Direct a number of times, I have left messages and I have also sent an email just get this horrible male ...

Cold chicken

Hey recently went through kfc in windsor park and got two quarter packs, the chicken in one was stone cold, never seen anything like it. me and my wife eat at kfc quite regularly and were pretty surpirised to put it politely. would appreciate some sort of reimbursment. ...