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Ken Silver Publishing
I paid for an e system that I was supposed to recive in 48 hours. Three weeks thereafter I received nothing and no one is answering my messages ripoff

Mr. Ken Silver of wellington, New Zealand convinced through various emails to buy an e report about winning at lotto games. A credit card transaction was effected on July 19. Till today nothing was received and I am unable to receive answers to my messages. The price was U$ 39.50 and the Order ID ...

Greenacres New Zealand
Sold me a Franchise was not what they agreed to, i was ignored, so i asked for my money back, this again was ignored, I now relised that Greenacres had ripped me off. North Island

Hi,just to explain we moved from the UK to New Zealand,I was looking for a small business here that would pay us enough to live on,we contacted this Greenacres New Zealand Franchise to look at Lawnmowing as a business,Greenacres told us at our Minimum guaranteed t/o would be $800 PW AND MORE,We ...