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Finance Now
Customer service fail

Finance Now has incompetent staff, i asked for a balance to pay off my accounts and was told that my FN Card would not be cancelled unless authorised by my husband- i of course was only authorised to enquire and obviously had limits to what i can and cant do as i was not the main account holder, ...

Divine Logistics
Freighting a kayak

My experience: I received a written quote from Sunny Kapoor to freight a kayak from Whakatane to Dunedin door to door. I then purchased the kayak on line based on this quote. When I went to book the kayak in Sunny Kapoor then stated they could no longer complete the delivery.....saying they were ...

Melvin Bulter

Melvin Butler (Mel Butler) owned Hype Energy Drinks in Australia. He was made bankrupt in Australia This man can not be trusted with anything. He was the owner of Auto Salvage Limited in Invercargill this he put under his wife's name He now Operates under Auto Repossessions, taking your vehicle ...