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Kitchen staff
Food presentation

I ordered my dinner tonight at about 5:30 at Hastings kfc. The shop was packed they only had two people on counter my order took half an hour to come to me. I walked out of the shop at 6pm with my order. My order was a edge feast meal when I got home and started to eat my meal I was highly ...

KFC - Head Office
False advertising

Burger Bundle that was a coupon deal (plu55c) running till the 23rd of October has been taken off the menu at KFC outlet in Lower Hutt, Wellington. When querired this evening as to why with 6 days till running, staffs attitude was vague and blatantly uncaring. Also on numerous occasions, there is ...

Mt Wellington Checkout

My first visit to Bunnings Mt Wellington today and probably my last. Staff were helpful in locating my purchase but my checkout experience was embarrassing in the extreme. I am a white female pensioner but for some reason the young man at the checkout decided I looked like a potential shoplifter ...