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Waikanae Club Inc

What a boring place to be. The place is a waiting room for heaven. No live music unless hopeless singing counts ( this takes place every three weeks). The restaurant is yuck. I got a burger with so much Mayo it was soggy and a roast that had seen better days. They also have the check to charge ...

KFC - Head Office
Speaker box

Hi I just have a complaint about the new KFC speakers we received from the KFC dinner pack. They are not what I expected and the speakers are not near loud enough to be hear from 5 metres outside, even with the volume at loud. I would like to know if there will be any better versions coming out as ...

epeat billing

I keep being billed for 20.55 english pounds since march I need to cancel the repeat billing which im positive I cancelled at that original time. Now I am unsure of the website I registered on. I need to find the website that I am on to cancel please help ...