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They don't pick up

Is Flexibin a scam?? They make you pay for for the bag first they pay for pickup online but they don't come within the 5 working days they say they will. It's been WEEKS and weeks now. They're quick to make you pay, but not quick on pickup. AND they don't pickup the phone. Waited 22 minutes one ...

Video Ezy
Beware account holders

Have had account at video ezy for at least 12 years and havint used the account for at least 6 years so long i cant even remember pin code on card and card is long gone. yesterday got a call from baycorp about unpaid fines $279 worth from video ezy from october last year. Went to video ezy ...

Essence of Argan Hydrotherapy
SCAM free trial

Essence of Argan Hydrotherapy ordered a free trial they sent the product I tried it but reacted negatively with my skin so I called to cancel thought that was the end of that but six months later they are taking almost $200 NZ out from my account so called them to sort it out after 30 mins of ...